Terms of Use of UNET Internet Service

Date of last revision: December 17, 2019

This agreement is Unet Project public offer to make a contract (hereafter referred to as "Terms") that provides the right to use UNET internet service and governs the relationship between the administration of Unet internet service (hereafter referred to as "Administrator") and any individual (hereafter referred to as "User"), using UNET service, which is located at www.unet.com and includes all its sub domains and aliases (hereafter referred to as "Site"). The User is any individual who duly adheres to these Terms of Use.


1.1. Unet is a service that consolidates Internet users who have registered in the network (by creating personal accounts) and websites, whose administrators have granted Unet Users permission to log in to their websites using their Unet Username and Password (websites using uID to identify users);

1.2. uID is a unique identifier (username (email) and password) used to obtain access to Unet network, as well as to authenticate, through the use of their Unet username and password, users of websites included in Unet Network. uID acts as a personal signature of a user who has created a Unet Network account;

1.3. Webtop is a personal workspace for managing user’s Unet account and personal data. It is also designed for using web applications, communicating with other users, storing and working with personal Content;

1.4. Unet Profile is a public part of Unet account that contains User information, messages, notes, etc. whose display and access rights are managed by the User;

1.5. Authentication is the process of obtaining authorized access to the website by the User;

1.6. Content is all informational materials of any topic and type (text, images, audios, videos, etc.), presented in digital format.


2.1. These Terms of granting User the right to use Unet internet service, including Webtop and Unet Profile, govern relationships between the User, on the one part, and the Administrator, on the other. These Terms shall not apply to legal relationships between the User and the administrator (owner) of the website to which the User obtains authorized access by means of the uID;

2.2. To join Unet, User must complete the registration procedure (get uID account) by filling out and submitting the registration form. User registration is considered completed once the User activates the unique hypertext link in the body of the message sent to the email address provided by the User in the registration form;

2.3 By completing the actions described in provision 2.2 of these Terms, the User unconditionally accepts these Terms. The Unet network administrator has the right to store and process all the data provided by the User during registration, including, but not limited to, the User’s last name, first name, middle name, phone number, IP address, and location. By accepting these Terms, the User grants Unet Administrator the permission to commit actions stipulated in this provision;

2.4. These Terms enter into effect the moment the User accepts these Terms and remain in effect for as long as the User continues using the Service;

2.5. These Terms of Use may be modified by the Administrator provided the modified version of these Terms is published on the Internet at http://www.unet.com/terms/. The modified version of these Terms enters into effect 10 calendar days after the version of the Terms is published by the Administrator, unless the text of the Terms stipulates a later date for carrying into effect;

2.6. By accepting these Terms, the User agrees to:

  • Provide accurate, current and complete information about him/herself;
  • Refrain from transferring his/her account to third parties, and keep his/her identification data secure;
  • Using Unet internet service, update his/her registration information and other personal information that was provided during registration should it change;
  • Take full responsibility for any and all actions committed using his/her account and account’s identification data, as well as for any consequences that such actions may entail or have entailed.


3.1. Users are prohibited from using the service for fraudulent activities, financial pyramids as well as from issuing any invitations to participate in such activities or providing any other type of aid to such activities;

3.2. Users are prohibited from placing materials that violate property and/or personal non-property rights and the legitimate interests of third parties, including exclusive intellectual property rights, as well as materials that contain information whose dissemination is prohibited by law;

3.3. Users are prohibited from storing and collecting email addresses or other contact information and personal data of the Website’s users by automated or other means for any purposes, including for the purpose of sending unsolicited email messages (spam) or other unwanted information;

3.4. Users are prohibited from using automated scripts (programs) to collect information and/or to interact with the Website and its services;

3.5. Users are prohibited from misleading other Website users by using another individual’s account or personal information and from intentionally distorting information about themselves, their age and/or relationships with other persons or organizations;

3.6. Users are prohibited from placing on the Website photos, home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passport information and other personal data of other users or any third persons without their written consent to do so;

3.7. Users are prohibited from placing any information which is considered undesirable by Administrator , which does not correspond to the objectives of the Website, which infringes upon the users’ interests or which may be considered undesirable for placement on the Website for other reasons.


4.1. The Administrator reserves the right but does not assume the obligation to change/moderate or delete any information published by the User, as well as the User’s account if it violates the prohibitions set forth in section 3 of these Terms. The Administrator has the right but is not obligated to suspend, limit or discontinue access to all or any of the Website sections or services at any time for any reason or without providing any explanations, with or without prior notice, and shall not be held responsible for any harm that such measures may cause to the User;

4.2. The Administrator has the right to delete the User’s account and (or) suspend, limit or discontinue access to any of the Website’s services if the Administrator deems the User’s actions in violation of these Terms, without providing any explanation for such measures and without compensating any damage;

4.3. By placing his or her Content on the website, the User grants other users a non-exclusive right to use it by means of viewing, reproduction (including copying), re-creating (including printing copies), and other rights – exclusively for the purposes of personal non-commercial use, except cases in which such use causes or may cause harm to the protected by law interests of the rightholder;

4.4. The User may place on the Website only the Content that is created by his or her own creative work, and has no right to upload or in any other way make available (publish on the Website) the Content of other websites, databases and other objects with exclusive rights in the absence of the rightholder’s express consent to such actions.


5.1. The User agrees that he or she is personally liable for all actions committed by using the Website and its services;

5.2. In case of complaints from third parties related to events for which the User is responsible, such User guarantees an independent settlement of the claims at his own cost. The Administrator reserves the right to provide, at his own discretion, any information about the User to authorized third parties who present sufficient(in the judgment of the Administrator) evidence of the User’s violation of anyone’s rights or law, or decisions of state authorities;

5.3. Since the service is accessible to the public and is not pre-moderated, the Administrator bears no responsibility for any User and/or third-party Content placed on the Website or using it;

5.4. The Website and its services can be partly or fully unavailable from time to time due to maintenance or other work, or for any other technical reasons. The Administrator has the right to carry out the necessary maintenance and/or other work from time to time at his own discretion;

5.5. The Administrator bears no responsibility for any errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays in data processing or transfer, failure of communication channels, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to Users’ materials placed on the Website or in any other place. The Administrator is not responsible for any technical failures or other problems of any telephone networks or services, computer systems, servers or providers, computer or telephone equipment, software, e-mail services or script failures that occur due to technical reasons;

5.6. The Administrator bears no responsibility for any damage to the computer of the User or other person, to mobile devices, or to any other hardware or software, caused by or related to the downloading of materials from the Website or using links placed on the Website;

5.7. Under no circumstances shall the Administrator be legally liable before the User or any third party for any indirect, accidental, unintentional damage, including loss of benefit or data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation caused by using the Website, Website content or other materials, to which you or other persons got access by using the Website, even if the Administration had warned of or pointed out the possibility of such damage


6.1. These Terms are concluded between the parties indefinitely.


7.1. These Terms are regulated and interpreted pursuant to the law of Great Britain. All disputes and disagreements concerning the conclusion, execution and denunciation of these Terms shall be treated in accordance with the procedural and substantive law of Great Britain;

7.2. If, for some reason or other, one or several provisions of these Terms are invalid or are not legally enforceable, the validity or applicability of other provisions should not be affected.